After serving on several short term mission trips, we knew we were called to international ministry. After 4 years of praying, it was clear that the Lord called us to the Davis Lar Children's Home in Fortaleza, Brazil. Not to run the home, but to lead teams and interns that come to serve, disciple the staff and children, and teach skills for sustainability. We landed in Fortaleza on April 25, 2018 and refuse to look back. Jesus commanded all of His followers to follow Him with all they had and to never look back. That is what we are striving for... and to point others we encounter to our redeeming Father.

 If you are interested in coming to serve with us as an individual, a family, or a group, then let us know!

 Our house is being established as The Mission Post of the Davis Lar, where you can stay across the street from the Children's Home for very little cost.

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