We walked into that sweet, small, white church up on the hill. Hand in hand, we were nervous. This was the church where Tim was baptized as a teen, this was the very church that had a big impact on leading our now 9 year old to Jesus. This was going to be the very church that said yes or no to us. This isn't the church that we are members of, but this church is our family. In just a few minutes, Tim and I had to stand before this congregation, share our hearts, and ask to live in their mission house. With bellies full of knots, we stood and sang with the leadership of the music minister...


 "Great is thy faithfulness,

 Great is thy faithfulness... morning by morning new mercies I see!

 All I hath needed, thy hand hath provided

 Great is thy faithfulness, Lord unto me!"


 I had been singing this song since I can remember, standing beside my great grandmother singing hymns I never fully comprehended. Tonight, this comforting song had a whole new meaning to me. He provides just what we need and when we need it. Just a month ago, we were asked to leave the home in which we were residing. This very moment, as we sang, we had 2 weeks until we had to leave our home. Without any lead on where to go. Keep in mind, we have a foster baby and an international exchange student under our roof in addition to our 2 children. All of our opportunities had been shut down. Just before Christmas, the news that we had to vacate our house came in the form of a letter on our front door as we came home from a meeting at our church. At this church meeting, we received the blessings to go to Brazil to serve as missionaries. Clearly, God orchestrated this however, I was hurt and worried for my family. But, if we focus on our hurts and the injustice- we will not notice the provision that arises from it.


 "All I hath needed, thy hand hath provided, great is thy faithfulness Lord, unto me"


 We stood in front of the church, shared our hearts, our tears, and our journey that began just a few years ago. We asked. We looked into the faces of the couples that had rallied behind us and encouraged us to step out. We looked into the faces of the few that doubted us. But we did not hold back on the calling on our hearts. We looked into the sweet and innocent face of our daughter as she eagerly listened.

 Just a week later, we moved into that mission house and we knew that this transition was now official. As uncomfortable as it was, God is shaping us to stand in front of congregations to literally ask. He does say "Ask in my name, and you will receive". How will we receive if we do not ask? The next several months will involve fundraising, planning, traveling, training, long nights on Rosetta Stone, researching, moments of doubt, and many sleepless nights. As we prepare to establish the Mission Post at the Davis Lar orphanage in Fortaleza, Brazil- pray for us. The seed to serve overseas was planted in our hearts just under 5 years ago, we know we cannot turn down the opportunity when it was deliberately brought to us.

 How can we be on fire with passion for others when we are too scared to get out and serve? Just ASK.


  "Morning by morning, new mercies I see!

 Great is thy faithfulness, Lord unto me"

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