It has been quite some time since I (Lindsey) last posted on our blog. The last few months have been quite the whirlwind. After we returned back to our home to continue our American living after we visited Brazil with the kids, we had to jump right in head first. That was a challenge, we were preparing presentations, speaking to churches and life groups, doing this homeschool thing, and still working hard in our full time jobs! I have to say, there was about 6 weeks where we felt burdened that we had to keep pushing through our duties here, but God provided strength and wisdom through that time! As of now, I ( Lindsey ), turned in my work badge on January 2, even though my last official day was December 22nd. Tim is working 3 days a week, and it is exciting to be able to focus primarily on the road that lies ahead and takes us to Brazil. This first week of January was slightly intimidating for me as I had worked 30-40 hours a week for the last several years and now I was at a DEAD hault. I spent several mornings in prayer to cast away my anxieties. What if we aren't at the funding needed to move in April? How do we sell all these things in our home? I am terrified of homeschooling, what if I neglect my children's education? How can I remain intentional with the people He has placed on my heart? And, Tim and I love our creative , adventurous dates together, how can we still be sure we do those?

  The Lord gave me His GOOD GOOD word. " Lean on me, Lindsey. Lean on me for provision, wisdom, spiritual strength, and sufficiency. Set down that self sufficient ego". That is not always easy, but seeking Him and feeling His reply deep into my veins is nothing I can ever turn away from. It was like my own little revival right there in my unmatched jammies , sitting in my dark den by the crackling fireplace. Have you ever read Joshua 24? The Lord is speaking to the people through Joshua here. These very people have literally been in the wilderness for quite some time and they were just wandering about. They had moments of faithfully worshipping the Lord, but always fell back into the lifestyle of self worship and idolizing false gods and statues. I have felt like that plenty of times (especially in my teens and college years). But the Lord says in verse 13, " I gave you land you had not worked on, and I gave you towns you did not build- the towns where you are now living. I gave you vineyards and olive groves for food, though you did not plant them". See. He provides. In the end, it is not all my efforts, It is His faithfulness and provision to bring us all we need spiritually and physically. The next verse goes on to instruct the people ( and you and me), to fear the Lord and serve Him wholeheartedly, putting away any idols that you place before Him.

 I am leaning heavily on that spiritually nutritious word. I hope you will too. You don't need to be a missionary preparing for another country to relate to this. Life is challenging people, things can get overwhelming.

 Our next move is to go away and stay on campus at a cross cultural training facility with the kids. Where we will all learn ways to adjust, cope, and engage while submerging in another culture. We also have a few fundraising opportunities for this month, which are posted below.


 Luxurious 3 story house located in Wild Dunes in Isle of Palms, SC. House has an elevator, multiple decks with Ocean Views, and can house 20 guest easily.

 A week in this house is being raffled off for $25 per raffle ticket. This house is valued to rent at around $900 per night. You can buy as many raffles as your heart desires. And every penny will go towards our moving costs to Brazil. Dates available ( choose one week):



 Winner will be announced at our fundraiser, " A NIGHT OF MISSIONAL LOVE" on January 27th ( you do not have to be present). If you are not present, you will be contacted to inform you of being the winner!

 To purchase a raffle ticket, go to www.paypal.me/missionallove/25

  Be sure you do the math to cover how many tickets you want to purchase ( $25 each). Please type in "raffle _ tickets" in the notes ( amount of tickets).

 Purchases made through pay pal can be made up to 4pm on January 27th.


 For those of you planning on attending " A NIGHT OF MISSIONAL LOVE" on the 27th, you may purchase tickets in person at the event for $10 (only the night of the event, must be present to purchase at the event)

 Detail on "A NIGHT OF MISSIONAL LOVE" are available on out social media pages ( instagram and FB) as well as under the ABOUT tab listed at the top of this page.



 If you would like to support our family, you can do so by Clicking Here. Be sure to visit www.davislar.org to gain understanding of what the Davis Lar Children's Home is: creating competent, Christ loving adults from youth that have had a battered childhood.


  Any questions or Interested in reaching out and asking us to speak to your community or group? Email us at Tim.Lindsey.Bayne@actionintl.org.


 EVENTS coming in January:

 Casting our vision: a Kings Grove Baptist Church, located in Hendersonville, NC at 7pm on January 7th.

 A NIGHT OF MISSIONAL LOVE: Greer First Baptist Church at 5:30 pm on January 27th. ( details about event and tickets on our website, under the Support tab)


 Much love to each of you that prayerfully and financially support us. God has used you to make a deep impact on our lives.



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